Dr. Barbara Pazey
University of North Texas
Teacher Education and Administration
(940) 565-4897


PhD, The University o f Texas at Austin, 1996.
Major: Educational Administration
Degree Specialization: Special Education Administration


Teaching Experience

University of North Texas
EDCI 6280, Qualitative Research in Education, 1 course.
EDLE 5620, Administration and Leadership for Student Educational Services, 1 course.
EDLE 5630, Organizational Change and School Improvement, 2 courses.
EDLE 6100, Theories of Organizational Development and Reform, 1 course.


Published Intellectual Contributions

Journal Article
Pazey, B., Cole, H., Spikes, D. (2017). A Single Voice in the Crowd: A Case Study of One Student's Determination to Challenge Top Down School Reform. Teachers College Record. 119(9), .
Waitoller, F. R., Pazey, B. (2016). Examining Competing Notions of Social Justice at the Intersections of High-Stakes Testing Practices and Parents' Rights: An Inclusive Education Perspective. Teachers College Record. 118(14), .
Pazey, B., Schalock, R. L., Schaller, J., Burkett, J. (2016). Incorporating Quality of Life Concepts Into Educational Reform: Creating Real Opportunities for Students With Disabilities in the 21st Century. Journal of Disability Policy Studies. 27(2), 96-105.
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