Dr. Yolanda T. Mitchell
University of North Texas
Educational Psychology
(940) 369-8377


PhD, Kansas State University, 2014.
Major: Family Studies
Dissertation Title: "My Daughter is a White Girl in a Mixed Body that Wishes She Were Black:” Monoracial Parents Perceptions of Mixed-Race Children and Racial Identity Development
MS, Kansas State University, 2008.
Major: Marriage & Family Therapy
Dissertation Title: The Influence of Adolescent Pregnancy on the Younger Sisters of African-American Females

Professional Positions

Academic - Post-Secondary
Assistant Professor, University of North Texas. (August 2017 – Present).
Senior Lecturer, University of North Texas. (June 2016July 2017).
Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (May 2013June 2016).
Sunflower CASA Project. (October 2008January 2011).
Victim Advocate, Serco/U.S. Department of Defense. (March 2008February 2010).

Professional Memberships

American Educational Research Association. (February 2017 – Present).

American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences. (October 2016 – Present).

Family Science Association. (January 2014 – Present).

Society for Personality & Social Psychology. (January 2013 – Present).

Secretary/Treasurer, Ethnic Minorities Section, National Council on Family Relations. (January 2010 – Present).


Teaching Experience

University of North Texas
DFST 2033, Parenting in Diverse Families, 1 course.
DFST 3423, Family, School, and Community, 1 course.
EPSY 5033, Practicum, Field Experience, or Internship, 1 course.
EPSY 5413, Family Relationships, 3 courses.
EPSY 5900, Special Problems, 2 courses.
EPSY 6030, Practicum, Field Problem or Internship, 2 courses.
EPSY 6163, Diversity in Individuals, Families, and Schools, 1 course.
EPSY 6313, Application of Family Theory in Research, 1 course.
HDFS 2033, Parenting in Diverse Families, 1 course.
HDFS 3153, The Impact of Culture on Individuals and Families, 5 courses.
HDFS 3423, Family, School, and Community, 4 courses.
HDFS 4323, Family Law and Public Policy, 3 courses.
HDFS 4353, Advanced Family Science, 1 course.


Published Intellectual Contributions

Mitchell, Y. T., Do, K. A. Life Skills for Success.
Book Chapter
Dalla, R., Johnson, J., Mitchell, Y. T. (2016). Ecological Systems Theory. Life Skills for Success.
Nazarinia Roy, R. R., Mitchell, Y. (2015). Feminist financial therapy. Financial therapy: Theory, research, and practice. Springer.
Markham, M. S., Mitchell, Y., Hartenstein, J. L. (2015). Portfolio development for family life educators. Family Life Education: The Practice of Family Science. Minneapolis, MN: National Council on Family Relations.
Journal Article
Markham, M. S., Hartenstein, J. L., Mitchell, Y., Aljayyousi-Khalil, G. G. (2017). Communication among parents who share physical custody after divorce or separation. Journal of Family Issues.
Mitchell, Y., Hartenstein, J. l., Markham, M. S., Bernard, D. L. (2014). Portfolios in family science: A template for integrating family life education. Family Science Review. 19(1), .
Magazine/Trade Publication
Mitchell, Y. (2012). Incorporating portfolios into family science. NCFR Report.

Presentations Given

Mitchell, Y. (Author & Presenter), National Council on Family Relations, Developing a tool for assessing diversity education in Family Science, Orlando, TX, United States of America. (2017 – ).

Mitchell, Y. T. (Author & Presenter), Newsom, K. C. (Author & Presenter), McClish, K. E. (Author), Lover, C. L. (Author & Presenter), National Council For Family Relations, What is diversity and why do we need it in Family Science?, Minneapolis, MN, United States of America. (2016).

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

Grant - Research
Mitchell, Y., "Ethnotheories: Examining the Intersection Between Culture and Health," Sponsored by UNL Social & Behavioral Science Research Consortium, $24926 Funded. (October 2015 – Present).


University Service

Member, Student Affairs Committee. (2016 – Present).

Member, Undergraduate Program Committee. (2016 – Present).

Member, Senior Lecturer Search Committee. (20162017).

Professional Service

Officer, President/Elect/Past, NCFR, Ethnic Minorities Section. (2016 – Present).

Reviewer, Journal Article, Journal of Family Issues. (2015 – Present).

Reviewer, Conference Paper, NCFR, Ethnic Minorities Section. (2013 – Present).

Reviewer, Conference Paper, NCFR, Education and Enrichment Section. (2012 – Present).

Reviewer, Journal Article, Family Relations. (2011 – Present).

Reviewer, Journal Article, Journal of Family and Economic Issues. (2016).

Officer, Secretary, NCFR, Ethnic Minorities Section. (20142016).

Reviewer, Conference Paper, NCFR, Research and Theory Section. (2012).