Cassidy Baker
University of North Texas
Social Work
(940) 565-2687


PhD, University of North Texas.
Major: Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
Degree Specialization: Global and Comparative Concentration
MSW, University of Oklahoma, 2003.
Major: Social Work
Degree Specialization: Direct Practice
BA, Baylor University, 2002.
Major: Social Work
Degree Specialization: Family Studies

Professional Positions

Academic - Post-Secondary
Child Welfare Program Coordinator | Title IV-E, University of North Texas. (2013 – Present).
Felony Family Violence Victim Specialist, Denton County Criminal District Attorney's Office. (20112013).
Child Protective Services Supervisor, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. (20032011).

Licensures and Certifications

Academy of Certified Social Workers, National Association of Social Workers. (July 2018 – Present).

Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Board Approved Supervisor, Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners. (April 30, 2019).

Professional Memberships

Texas Council on Family Violence. (2012 – Present).

Texas County and District Attorney's Association. (2011 – Present).

Texoma Branch Steering Committee 2014- Present, National Association of Social Workers (NASW). (2001 – Present).

Awards and Honors

Liberty Bell Award, Dallas Association of Young Lawyers. (April 29, 2016 – Present).

Heart of Hope Award (Practice III Class Award), Giving Hope, Inc. of Denton County. (20152015).

Social Worker of the Year, NASW - Texoma Branch. (20132013).

CPS Worker of the Year, CASA of Denton County. (20092009).

CPS Worker of the Year, CASA of Denton County. (20042004).


Teaching Experience

University of North Texas
SOWK 3610, Social Work Practice I, 2 courses.
SOWK 3800, Social Work Practice I, 4 courses.
SOWK 3996, Honors College Mentored Research Experience, 1 course.
SOWK 4000, Ethics and Professionalism in Practice, 2 courses.
SOWK 4700, Child Welfare Practice and Services, 12 courses.
SOWK 4810, Social Work Practice III, 3 courses.
SOWK 4870, Social Work Integrative Seminar, 17 courses.
SOWK 4875, Social Work Field Practicum, 17 courses.



Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Denton County Friends of the Familly, Denton, TX, United States of America. (January 2016 – Present).

Awards and Honors

Institution Faculty / Staff of the Month, University of North Texas. (January 2019 – Present).