Haihua Chen
University of North Texas
Information Science
(940) 220-0057


Teaching Experience

University of North Texas
CSCE 4290, Introduction to Natural Language Processing, 1 course.
CSCE 5290, Natural Language Processing, 1 course.
INFO 4206, Information Retrieval Systems, 1 course.
INFO 5502, Principles and Techniques for Data Science, 2 courses.
INFO 5731, Computational Methods for Information Systems, 8 courses.
INFO 5810, Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 4 courses.


Published Intellectual Contributions

Conference Proceeding
Qin, C., Y. Y., Chen, H., Ding, J. (2021). A Comparison Study of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Legal Contract Understanding. JURISIN 2021: 15 Intl. Workshop on Juris-informatics.
Chen, J., Chen, H., Tang, M. (2020). An Ontology-based Semantic Information Retrieval System. IEEE.
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Chen, H., Cao, G., Chen, J., Ding, J. (2019). A Practical Framework for Evaluating the Quality of Knowledge Graph. Knowledge Graph and Semantic Computing: Knowledge Computing and Language Understanding. 12. Singapore: Springer.
Journal Article
Chen, H., Wu, L., Chen, J., Lu, W., Ding, J. (2021). A comparative study of automated legal text classification using random forests and deep learning. Information Processing & Management. 59(2), . Elsevier.
Tran, N., Chen, H., Jiang, J., Bhuyan, J., Ding, J. (2021). Effect of Class Imbalance on the Performance of Machine Learning-based Network Intrusion Detection. International Journal of Performability Engineering. 17(9), . Totem.
Cartwright, A. D., Carey, C. D., Chen, H. (2021). Multi-tiered intensive supervision: A culturally-informed method of clinical supervision. Teaching and Supervision in Counseling. https://trace.tennessee.edu/tsc/
Chen, H., Chen, J., Ding, J. (2021). Data Evaluation and Enhancement for Quality Improvement of Machine Learning. IEEE Transactions on Reliability. 70(2), . IEEE.
Chen, J., Chen, H., Tang, M. (2020). An ontology-improved vector space model for semantic retrieval. The Electronic Library.
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