Jordan Russell
University of North Texas
Criminal Justice


MS, University Of North Texas, 2016.
Major: Criminal Justice
BS, University Of North Texas, 2013.
Major: Criminal Justice


Teaching Experience

University of North Texas
CJUS 2100, Crime and Justice in the United States, 15 courses.
CJUS 2900, Special Problems, 1 course.
CJUS 3201, Criminal Law, 2 courses.
CJUS 3310, Organized and Consensual Crime, 1 course.
CJUS 3400, Correctional Systems, 1 course.
CJUS 3630, Drugs, Crime and Society, 2 courses.
CJUS 4200, Criminal Procedure, 1 course.
CJUS 4350, Seminar on Violence, 3 courses.
CJUS 4700, Research Methods in Criminal Justice, 1 course.
CJUS 4901, Senior Seminar: Criminal Justice and Public Policy, 1 course.