Dr. Konstantia Kapetangianni
University of North Texas
(940) 565-2114


PhD, University of Michigan, 2010.
Major: Linguistics
MA, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI, 2003.
Major: English Linguistics
BA, Aristotle University, 1993.
Major: French Language & Literature

Professional Positions

Academic - Post-Secondary
Senior Lecturer, University of North Texas. (August 2019 – Present).
Lecturer, University of North Texas. (January 2016May 2019).
Adjunct Faculty, University of North Texas. (August 2014December 2015).
Adjunct Faculty, University of North Texas. (20132014).
Adjunct Faculty, Otterbein University, OH. (20112012).

Licensures and Certifications

CITI Certification, Institutional Review Board. (October 2019 – Present).

Professional Memberships

Reviewer of Applications, Fulbright U.S. Student Program National Screening Committee. (November 2019 – Present).

Generative Linguistics in the Old World. (2004 – Present).

Modern Greek Studies Association. (2004 – Present).

Linguistic Society of America. (2000 – Present).

Development Activities Attended

Seminar,"Course Design Institute," Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment & Redesign (CLEAR), Denton, Texas, United States of America. (June 6, 2016July 30, 2016).


Teaching Experience

University of North Texas
FREN 1010, Elementary French, 2 courses.
FREN 1020, Elementary French, 7 courses.
FREN 2040, Intermediate French, 2 courses.
LING 3050, Communication Across Species, 4 courses.
LING 3060, Principles of Language Study, 9 courses.
LING 4030, Acquisition of English as a Second Language, 4 courses.
LING 4050, Morphology, 3 courses.
LING 4055, Syntax, 2 courses.
LING 4060, Scientific Methods, 11 courses.
LING 4950, Senior Capstone Field Experience, 11 courses.
LING 4951, Honors College Capstone Thesis, 2 courses.
LING 5040, Principles of Linguistics, 1 course.
LING 5060, Second Language Acquisition, 3 courses.
LING 5305, Morphology, 2 courses.
LING 5390, Psycholinguistics., 1 course.
LING 5900, Special Problems, 1 course.
LING 5920, Research Problems in Lieu of Thesis (Original Scholarly Papers, 1 course.
LING 5990, Professional Development for Linguists, 1 course.

Directed Student Learning

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Chair,"Linguistic Features Within the Server Persona," Linguistics. (January 2019May 2019).

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Chair,"The Functions of Self-Reference Pronouns in Hitler’s Speeches," Linguistics. (January 2019May 2019).

Supervised Research Chair,"Tonal Recall: Musical ability and toneme recognition," Linguistics. (January 2018May 2018).

Supervised Research,"Differences in Code-switching of L2 Learners of Spanish and Heritage speakers of Spanish," Linguistics. (August 20, 2017December 18, 2017).

Awards and Honors

Nominated for: UNT Foundation Outstanding Lecturer Award, UNT Foundation. (October 2019 – Present).

Faculty Excellence Award, College of Information - UNT. (December 2018 – Present).

Honored Faculty at UNT Honors Day, UNT. (2018 – Present).


Published Intellectual Contributions

Book Chapter
Kapetangianni, K. (2010). Variable Word Order in Child Greek.
Kapetangianni, K. (2007). Control in Greek: It's another good move.
Journal Article
Kapetangianni, K. (2009). Comparative Correlatives in Greek: The Syntax of oso..
Kapetangianni, K. (2007). The Development of Peripheral Positions in Early Child Grammars..
Kapetangianni, K. (2006). The Development of Syntax-Pragmatics Connections in Early Child Grammars: Evidence from Greek..

Presentations Given


Kapetangianni, K. (Other), Coreference vs Disjoint Reference: Experimental Evidence. (20122012).

Kapetangianni, K. (Other), Control in Greek Indicative complements. (20092009).

Kapetangianni, K. (Other), Comparative Correlatives in Greek: The Syntax of oso. (20072007).

Kapetangianni, K. (Other), Early Development of Variable Word Order in Greek. (20072007).

Kapetangianni, K. (Other), Do Early Grammars Interface with Discourse/Pragmatics? Evidence from Greek. (20062006).

Kapetangianni, K. (Other), Early awareness of language in an emerging bilingual. (20062006).

Kapetangianni, K. (Other), Control in Greek: It's another good move. (20052005).


University Service

Committee Chair, Graduate Curriculum Committee. (August 2019 – Present).

Committee Member, Graduate Academic Affairs Committee. (August 30, 2016 – Present).

Committee Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. (August 30, 2016 – Present).

Session Chair, Scholars Day. (April 1, 2016 – Present).

Professional Service

Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Fulbright National Screening Committee, Houston, TX. (October 2019October 2021).