Dr. Leann K. Boyce
University of North Texas
ADA - Advanced Data Analytics


GAC, University of North Texas, 2021.
Major: Advanced Data Analytics
PhD, University of North Texas, 2020.
Major: Information Science - Health Informatics
Dissertation Title: Examination of online health information seeking effectiveness: Case studies of online health communities in COPD patients”.
MS, University of North Texas, 2016.
Major: Information Science
Degree Specialization: Health Informatics
MA, Texas Woman's University, 2014.
Major: Government
BGS, Texas Woman's University, 2011.
Major: General Studies

Licensures and Certifications

UNT Ethics and Standards of Conduct, UNT. (January 2, 2023 – Present).

Compliance Awareness Training, UNT. (November 16, 2021 – Present).

Skills for Inclusive Conversations, UNT. (October 15, 2021 – Present).

UNT FERPA Training, UNT. (August 29, 2021 – Present).

UNT Policies & Title IX: Preventing Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct & Retaliation, UNT. (August 29, 2021 – Present).

UNT Ethics and Standards of Conduct, UNT. (January 2, 2023).

Cybersecurity Awareness Training 2022 - 2023, UNT. (October 6, 2022).

Certificate of Completion: Data Visualization Best Practices, LinkedIn Learning. (June 25, 2022).

Professional Memberships

American Medical Informatics Association. (2018 – Present).

Decision Science Institute. (2017 – Present).

Development Activities Attended

Faculty Fellowship,"What's the best approach for the use of ChatGPT for fall university classes in analytics, statistics, programming or other topics that address data use?," DASI, Pilot Point, TEXAS, United States of America. (August 14, 2023).

Workshop,"Storytelling with Data," Storytelling with Data, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. (May 5, 2023).

Conference Attendance,"2022 DSI Annual Conference," Decision Sciences Institute, Houston, TX, United States of America. (November 19, 2022November 21, 2022).


Teaching Experience

University of North Texas
ADTA 5240, Harvesting, Storing and Retrieving Data, 5 courses.
ADTA 5240C, Wrangling and Querying Data, 1 course.
ADTA 5250, Large Data Visualization, 13 courses.
ADTA 5250A, Data Visualization Foundations and Theory, 1 course.
ADTA 5250B, Data Visualization Strategy and Storytelling, 1 course.
ADTA 5250C, Advanced Data Visualization Tools and Techniques, 1 course.
ADTA 5340, Discovery and Learning with Big Data, 7 courses.
CSCE 5215, Machine Learning, 2 courses.
INFO 5000, Information and Knowledge Professions, 3 courses.
IPAC 4240, Principles of Data Structures, Harvesting and Wrangling, 6 courses.
IPAC 4250, Principles of Data Visualization for Large Data, 5 courses.
IPAC 4340, Methods for Discovery and Learning from Data, 4 courses.

Teaching at Other Institutions

Toyota, Exploratory Data Analysis, Spring 2022.

Toyota, Exploratory Data Analysis, Spring 2022.

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Online Course in Canvas, UNT. (January 27, 2023 – Present).


Published Intellectual Contributions

Journal Article
Boyce, L. K., Prybutok, G. L., Prybutok, V. R. (2024). Online Groups show how Technology Supports Healthcare needs for Patients and Families: An Illustrative Model for COPD Facebook Groups. Frontiers in Medical Engineering. 2, . https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmede.2024.1374272/full?&utm_source=Email_to_authors_&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=T1_11.5e1_author&utm_campaign=Email_publication&field=&journalName=Frontiers_in_Medical_Engineering&id=1374272
Boyce, L. K., Harun, A., Prybutok, G. L., Prybutok, V. R. (2024). The Role of Technology in Online Health Communities: A Study of Information-Seeking Behavior. Healthcare. 12(3), .
Boyce, L., Harun, A., Prybutok, G. L., Prybutok, V. R. (2021). Exploring the factors in information seeking behavior: A perspective from multinational COPD online forums". Health Promotion International. (2021), pp 1 -13.
Boyce, L. (2020). Assessing health information quality in a closed, non-moderated COPD Facebook group. 9, .
Ramisetty-Mikler, S., Boyce, L. (2020). Communicating the Risk of Contracting Zika Virus to Low Income Underserved Pregnant Latinas: A Clinic-based Study. PLOS One.
Boyce, L., Prybutok, G. L., Oppong, J. R. (2020). Spatial Variation in COPD Mortality Rates in Texas Counties (1999 -2009). Texas Public Health Journal. 72(3), 25-30.
Boyce, L., Prybutok, G. L. (2019). COPD Online Health Community :  Identifying Information Needs and  Sources. International Journal of Electronic Healthcare. 11(1), .

Presentations Given

Invited Talk

Boyce, L. K. (Author & Presenter), Toyota Summit, Much To Do About Nothing: Handling Missing Data, Toyota, Virtual, United States of America. (2022).

Oral Presentation

Boyce, L. (Author), Southwest Decision Science Institute Annual Meeting, A gender study to understand health information exchange in a COPD online health community, SWDSI, San Antonio, United States of America. (2020).


Philbrick, J. (Author & Presenter), Cleveland, A. D. (Author), Boyce, L. (Author), South Central Chapter/Medical Library Association Virtual Conference 2020, Are Job Qualifications for Health Sciences Librarians Aligning with MLA's Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success?, Online, United States of America. (2020).

Philbrick, J. (Author & Presenter), Cleveland, A. D. (Author), Boyce, L. (Author), Medical Library Association vConference, A comparison of health sciences librarianship job qualifications and MLA’s Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success., Online, United States of America. (2020).

Professional Meeting Contribution

Boyce, L. K. (Author & Presenter), Williams, S. (Author & Presenter), Southwest Decision Sciences Institute 53rd Annual Conference (SWDSI 2024), Exploring the Relationship of Assignment Submission Timeliness on Student GPA: A Case Study, Southwest Decision Sciences Institute, Galveston, Texas, United States of America. (20232024).


University Service

Chairperson, PAC. (November 2023 – Present).

Program Coordinator, Course Coordinator ADTA5250/IPAC4250. (September 2023 – Present).

Attendee, Graduation, Graduation. (December 2023).

Member, Search Committee for Faculty Members. (March 2023May 2023).

Committee Member, Academic Integrity Appeal Committee. (May 17, 2023).

Committee Member, Academic Integrity Appeal Committee. (May 17, 2023).

Attendee, Graduation, Graduation. (May 14, 2023).

Other, Metroport COC. (May 9, 2023).

Committee Member, Annual Review Committee. (March 2023).

Other, Create a new non-credit course. (March 2023March 2023).

Member, Mini-course development for ADTA 5250 and IPAC4250. (November 2022).

Member, Member mini- course development group for ADTA 5340 and IPAC 4340. (August 2022).

Member, Mini-course development group for ADTA 5240 and IPAC 4240. (August 2022).

Committee Member, Search Committee for Faculty Member. (January 2022May 2022).

Committee Member, Search Committee for Academic Advisor. (October 2021November 2021).

Professional Service

Reviewer, Journal Article, Health Informatics Journal. (March 14, 2024).

Reviewer, Journal Article, Journal of Health Communication. (February 11, 2022).

Reviewer, Journal Article, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. (November 11, 2020December 17, 2020).


For Profit Organization, Boyce Insights, Remote, United States of America. (September 2023December 2023).