Dr. Santiago I. Betelu
University of North Texas


PhD, UNCPBA, Argentina, 1997.
Major: Physics; Thesis: Plane Stokes Flows near singular points of the free surface
BS, UNCPBA, Argentina (Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina), 1994.
Major: Physics; Thesis: Columnar to Equiaxed Transicion in Aluminum base Alloys

Professional Positions

Adjunct, University of North texas. (2013 – Present).
Associate Professor, University of North texas. (20072011).
Assistant Professor, University of North Texas. (20022007).
Visiting Assistant professor, University of Minnesota. (19982000).
Teaching Assistant, Universidad Nacional del Centro (UNCPBA). (19921997).


Teaching Experience

University of North Texas
MATH 1650, Pre Calculus, 6 courses.
MATH 1680, Elementary Probability and Statistics, 4 courses.
MATH 1710, Calculus I, 1 course.
MATH 1720, Calculus II, 3 courses.
MATH 1780, Probability Models, 3 courses.
MATH 2730, Multivariable Calculus, 2 courses.
MATH 3310, Differential Equations for Engineering Majors, 5 courses.
MATH 3350, Introduction to Numerical Analysis, 13 courses.
MATH 3410, Differential Equations I, 25 courses.
MATH 3420, Differential Equations II, 13 courses.
MATH 3610, Real Analysis II, 1 course.
MATH 3740, Vector Calculus, 1 course.
MATH 4900, Special Problems, 2 courses.
MATH 5210, Numerical Analysis, 1 course.
MATH 5900, Special Problems, 7 courses.
MATH 5910, Special Problems, 2 courses.
MATH 5950, Master's Thesis, 2 courses.
MATH 6900, Special Problems, 5 courses.
MATH 6910, Special Problems, 1 course.

Directed Student Learning

Other,"Advanced numerical methods in fluid dynamics and singularities in charged fluids,". (Present).


Published Intellectual Contributions

Conference Proceeding
Betelu, S. I. (2009). Analytical estimates of the dispersion curve in planar ionization fronts, AIP conf proc, vol 1118, pp. 68-72.
Journal Article
Betelu, S. I. (2013). Solutions of the porous medium equation with degenerate interfaces.
Betelu, S. I. (2008). Fingering from ionization fronts in Plasmas.
Betelu, S. I. (2006). Explicit Stationary Solutions in Multiple Well Dynamics and Non-Uniqueness of interfacial energy densities.
Betelu, S. I. (2006). Singularities on charged viscous droplets.
Betelu, S. I. (2005). Spreading of a charged microdroplet.
Betelu, S. I. (2005). The shape of charged drops: Symmetry breaking bifurcations and numerical results.
Betelu, S. I. (2004). Area based medial axis of planar curves.
Betelu, S. I. (2004). Capillarity driven spreading of circular drops of shear thinning fluid.
Betelu, S. I. (2003). Capillarity driven spreading of power-law fluids.
Betelu, S. I. (2003). Explicit solutions of a two-dimensional fourth order non-linear diffusion equation.
Betelu, S. I. (2002). Boundary control of PDEs via curvature flows: the view from the boundary, II.
Betelu, S. I. (2001). Focusing of an elongated hole in porous medium flow.
Betelu, S. I. (2001). Focusing of non-circular self-similar shock waves.
Betelu, S. I. (2000). 'Line tension approaching a first-order wetting transition: Experimental results from contact angle measurements.
Betelu, S. I. (2000). A two-dimensional corner solution for a nonlinear diffusion equation.
Betelu, S. I. (2000). Noise-resistant affine skeletons of planar curves.
Betelu, S. I. (2000). On the computation of Affine Skeletons of Plane Curves and the Detection of Skew Symmetries.
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Betelu, S. I. (1998). Cusped ripples at the plane surface of a viscous liquid.
Betelu, S. I. (1998). Non-circular focussing flow in viscous gravity currents.
Betelu, S. I. (1998). Observation of cusps during the levelling of free surfaces in viscous flows.
Betelu, S. I. (1998). The crumbling of a viscous prism with an inclined free surface.
Betelu, S. I. (1997). A boundary-elements method for viscous gravity currents.
Betelu, S. I. (1996). Instantaneous viscous flow in a corner bounded by free surfaces.
Betelu, S. I. (1996). Measurement of the slope of a liquid free surface along a line by a schlieren system with anamorphic elements.
Betelu, S. I. (1996). Quasi-self-similarity for wetting drops.
Betelu, S. I. (1996). Waiting time solutions of a non-linear diffusion Equation: Experimental study of a creeping flow near a waiting front.

Presentations Given


S. Betelu "Dynamics of electrically charged droplets". (20062006).

S. Betelu "Spreading of charged liquids and fission of drops". (20062006).

S Betelu and M Fontelos, "Spreading of charged microdroplets". (20042004).

S. I. Betelú, M. A. Fontelos, and U. Kindelán, "The shape of charged drops: symmetry breaking bifurcations and numerical results". (20042004).

S Betelu, G Sapiro and A Tannenbaum, "Affine invariant erosion of 3D shapes". (20012001).

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S Betelu, BM Law and CC Huang, "The spreading dynamics of liquid crystal droplets". (19991999).

Fifteen presentations in the Physical Association of Argentina (AFA). (19941996).