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Yufeng Zheng

Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
College of Engineering



PhD, Ohio State University, 2013.
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Dissertation Title: Nucleation Mechanisms of Refined Alpha Microstructure in Beta Titanium Alloys
MS, Ohio State University, 2010.
Major: Materials Science and Engineering

Current Scheduled Teaching*

MTSE 6940.229, Individual Research, Fall 2024
MTSE 6600.001, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Fall 2024
MTSE 6605.001, Transmission Electron Microscopy Laboratory, Fall 2024

* Texas Education Code 51.974 (HB 2504) requires each institution of higher education to make available to the public, a syllabus for undergraduate lecture courses offered for credit by the institution.

Previous Scheduled Teaching*

MTSE 6950.124, Doctoral Dissertation, Spring 2024
MTSE 6940.238, Individual Research, Spring 2024
MTSE 6940.239, Individual Research, Spring 2024
MTSE 5620.001, Scanning Electron and Ion Microscopy, Spring 2024 Syllabus SPOT
MTSE 5620.601, Scanning Electron and Ion Microscopy, Spring 2024 Syllabus SPOT
MTSE 5625.001, Scanning Electron and Ion Microscopy Laboratory, Spring 2024 Syllabus SPOT
MTSE 6940.229, Individual Research, Fall 2023
MTSE 6940.230, Individual Research, Fall 2023

* Texas Education Code 51.974 (HB 2504) requires each institution of higher education to make available to the public, a syllabus for undergraduate lecture courses offered for credit by the institution.

Published Publications

Published Intellectual Contributions

Journal Article
Hao, M., Wang, D., Wang, Y., Zhang, T., Li, P., Guo, Y., Sun, Q., Zheng, Y., Wang, Y. (2024). Heterogeneous Precipitate Microstructure Design in β-Ti Alloys by Regulating the Cooling Rate. Acta Materialia. 269, 119810.
Luo, K., Han, X., Cappola, J., Li, D., Zheng, Y., Li, L., Yan, F., An, Q. (2024). Hyper-Elastic Deformation via Martensitic Phase Transformation in CdTe. Advanced Engineering Materials. 2302076.
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Awarded Grants

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

Grant - Research
Zheng, Y., "CAREER: Understanding the Roles of Nanoprecipitates in the Advanced Metastable Titanium Alloys," Sponsored by NSF, Federal, $520583 Funded. (October 1, 2023 – Present).
Zheng, Y., "Understanding the Role of Residual Stress Gradients on Plastic Strain Recovery in Nanocrystalline Thin Films," Sponsored by NSF, Federal, $413161 Funded. (October 1, 2023 – Present).
Zheng, Y., "Collaborative Research: DMREF: Al-enabled Automated Design of Ultrastrong and Ultraelastic Metallic Alloys," Sponsored by NSF, Federal, $499916 Funded. (January 15, 2024September 30, 2027).
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