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Tuan Amith

Assistant Professor
Information Science
College of Information



PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, 2019.
Major: Biomedical Informatics
Dissertation Title: Design and Architecture of an Ontology-driven Dialogue System for HPV Vaccine Counseling
MS, University of Houston-Clear Lake, 2010.
Major: Software Engineering
BS, University of Houston-Victoria, 2003.
Major: Computer Science
Degree Specialization: Science Concentration

Current Scheduled Teaching*

No current or future courses scheduled.

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Previous Scheduled Teaching*

INFO 5960.021, Library and Information Sciences Institute or Seminar, Spring 2023 SPOT
INFO 5365.021, Health Sciences Information Management, Fall 2022 SPOT

* Texas Education Code 51.974 (HB 2504) requires each institution of higher education to make available to the public, a syllabus for undergraduate lecture courses offered for credit by the institution.

Published Publications

Published Intellectual Contributions

Conference Proceeding
Amith, M., Harris, M. R., Stansbury, C., Ford, K., Manion, F. J., Tao, C. (2022). Expressing and Executing Informed Consent Permissions Using SWRL: The All of Us Use Case.. Other. 2021, 197-206.
Lin, R., Amith, M., Zhang, X., Wang, C., Light, J., Strickley, J., Tao, C. (2021). Developing Ontologies to Standardize Descriptions of Visual and Dermoscopic Elements. Other.
Ngantcha, P., Amith, M., Roberts, K., Valenza, J. A., Walji, M., Tao, C. (2021). Dental EHR-infused Persona Ontologies to Enrich Dental Dialogue Interaction of Agents.. Other. 2021, 1818-1825.
Zhu, A., Amith, M., Tang, L., Cunningham, R., Xu, A., Boom, J. A., Tao, C. (2021). Experimenting with a Prototype Interactive Narrative Game to Improve Knowledge and Beliefs for the HPV Vaccine.. Other. 13097, 186-201.
Ngantcha, P., Amith, M., Tao, C., Roberts, K. (2021). Patient-Provider Communication Training Models for Interactive Speech Devices.. Other. 12777, 250-268.
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Amith, M., Cui, L., Roberts, K., Tao, C. (2020). Towards an ontology-based medication conversational agent for PrEP and PEP.. Other. 2020, 31-40.
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Wang, D., Cunningham, R., Boom, J., Amith, M., Tao, C. (2016). Towards a HPV Vaccine Knowledgebase for Patient Education Content.. Other. 225, 432-6.
Amith, M. (2015). A web application towards semiotic-based evaluation of biomedical ontologies. Other.
Myneni, S., Amith, M., Geng, Y., Tao, C. (2015). Towards an Ontology-driven Framework to Enable Development of Personalized mHealth Solutions for Cancer Survivors' Engagement in Healthy Living.. Other. 216, 113-7.
Amith, M., Tao, C. (2014). A Prototype Mobile Virtual Assistant for Semantic-Based Vaccine Information Retrieval. Other. Smart Health. 200-205. Springer International Publishing. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-08416-9_21
Amith, M., Loubser, P. G., Chapman, J., Zoker, K. C., Rabelo Ferreira, F. E. (2012). Optimization of an EHR mobile application using the UFuRT conceptual framework.. Other. 2012, 209-17.
Journal Article
Amith, M., Cui, L., Zhi, D., Roberts, K., Jiang, X., Li, F., Yu, E., Tao, C. (2022). Toward a standard formal semantic representation of the model card report.. BMC Bioinformatics. 23(Suppl 6), 281.
Mauldin, R. L., Rawwad, T. A., Amith, M., Kuhns, L. M., Schneider, J. A., Fujimoto, K. (2022). Community-clinic linkages for promoting HIV prevention: organizational networks for PrEP client referrals and collaborations.. AIDS Care. 34(3), 340-348.
Lu, Y., Barrett, L. A., Lin, R. Z., Amith, M., Tao, C., He, Z. (2022). Understanding Information Needs and Barriers to Accessing Health Information Across All Stages of Pregnancy: Systematic Review.. Other. 5(1), e32235.
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Tang, L., Fujimoto, K., Amith, M., Cunningham, R., Costantini, R. A., York, F., Xiong, G., Boom, J. A., Tao, C. (2021). "Down the Rabbit Hole" of Vaccine Misinformation on YouTube: Network Exposure Study.. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 23(1), e23262.
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Amith, M. (2012). Software Design, a 2011 Primer. Other.

Awarded Grants

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

Amith, M. (Other), "UTHealth Innovation in Cancer Prevention Research," Sponsored by Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas, State, $4172601 Funded. (May 2015August 2019).
Grant - Research
Amith, M. (Co-Principal), "AI-Based Conversational Agent for Facilitating Education and Communication About HPV Vaccination in Children and Adolescents," Sponsored by Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas, Federal, $1397258 Funded. (March 2022February 2026).
Amith, M. (Other), "(Supplement) Dynamic learning for post-vaccine event prediction using temporal information in VAERS," Sponsored by National Institute of Health, Federal, $293520 Funded. (August 2019August 2021).
Amith, M. (Co-Principal), "Informatics tools to improve the interpretability and interoperability of informed consent instrument," Sponsored by National Institute of Health, Federal, $95330 Funded. (September 2020June 2021).
Amith, M. (Co-Principal), "An AI-powered chatbot for supporting the medication information needs of older adults," Sponsored by Cizik School of Nursing, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Other, $30000 Funded. (September 2019May 2021).
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